“HOPE” -Somalia

The famine in Somalia isn’t ending. News sources claim 4 million people are starving and suffering from undernourishment. Help has difficulties reaching people, and this is more than a bad harvest. However, the situation requires attention, action and money.

Hope Somalia invites artists locally and globally to take part in an exhibition at Konstnärshuset, (Stockholm Artist’s House) a 4 floor 19c palace. The proceeds will go without exception to the starving millions in Somalia. We ask for two-dimensional artwork from 15 x 20 cm (6 x 8”) to 21 x 30 cm (8.27 × 11.69), paintings, photos, printmaking, drawing etc. on the theme Hope. The work needs to be easy to hang (no glass) and not exceed the given measurements. The artwork will be sold at a standard low price or higher bid. Unsold artwork will go to charity in another form. Please attach a printed note on the back of your artwork, with your name, title of the work, year, your country and if you want further details, contact info, website etc.

The buyers will be informed of where and how the money is being spent, and the organizations will guarantee that the help reaches the right destinations.

We need your artworks before November 1st 2011.
The show opens on November 4th and is on until November 9th 2011.
Please feel free to forward this to other artists.

Please send your work to:


Hägerstensvägen 134
S-126 49 Hägersten

Thank you!

Contact person:

Jakob Anckarsvärd
Facebook: Hope Somalia

HOPE -Somalia is initiated by Altruist Artists