SOS Kindersdorf (Barnbyar) has as of now recieved your donation along with
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. If you are curious on the exact amount please email me and I will answer directly.
All procedes has gone straight to the organizations, which according to our contacts in Mogadishu are the best channels to help to people of Somalia.This has been a tremendous experience with such positive things, energy, people and response. I certainly hope we have made a difference. I believe so.

Thanks all of you.
Lots of love /
Jakob Anckarsvärd


By now the show is almost over. We have sold a lot of work, nearly all of it.
Needless to say, the show has been a huge success.
We would like to thank all the artists for making this possible:

Ann Frössén

Marianne Lundblad

Ann Wachtmeister

Anatka Barczewska

Anette Hammarén

Joelle McTigue

Veroni Ankarcrona

Tamara de Laval

Jane McLachlan

Timja Femling

Jakob Anckarsvärd

Maria Blom

Henrik Pätzke

Olle Drebold

Andreas Knag Danielsen

Tina Eskilsson

Gunilla Blomqvist

Barbro Runefelt-Taltavull

Gunilla Odelfelt

Birger Forsberg

Emir Krajisnik

Anna Jonback

Marie Krets

Andreas Ribbung

Anders Widoff

Susanne Nygårds

Eva Mossing Larsen

Frank Grauso

Katarina Norling

Stine Berger

Juha Joona

Gea Sibola-Hansen

Annika Heed

José Louis de Miguel

Fredrik Weerasinghe

Catti Åselius Lidbeck

Alvaro Campo

Johan Pettersson

Kristina Redz

Blair Thomson

Sanna-Lisa Gesang-Gottowt

Inger Hahn Redin

Christian Rieloff

Arni Gudmundsson

Davíd Murua Martinez

Madeleine Aleman

Yvon Wei

Susanne Nessim

Claire Marcus

Marie Eriksson

Hale Günger

Cilla Hallbert

Tove Kullberg

Kia Gardelius Mårtensson

Daniel Lofthagen

Marilyn Kyle

Marilyn Kyle

Johanna Schartau

Moa Karlsson

Natasha Dumas

Leicy Olsborn

Sabina Siler Hudoklin

Outimaija Hakala

Lis Thomasson

Carmen Lindahl
Karin Kent

Paulina Sandberg

Yngve Svedlund

Set Söderlund

Klara Kristalova

Fia Kvissberg

Åsa Kvissberg

Ruby Beeton
David Helander

Ritva Hansson

Helena Johard

Staffan Hagman

Karl Jansson

Tuss Marie Lysén

Joanna / Gabriel Thede

Inga Tomenius-Wihlborg

Lena Linnros

Kurt-Ove Eriksson
Ossian Theselius

Monix Sjölin

Ingrid Sandborg

Malou Bergman

Claes Levander

Gunilla Larsén

Eva Forsberg
Ingela Hageman

Maj-Britt Niklasson

Kristjan Sigurjonsson

Anette Ronàld

Rolf Hansson

Thank you ever so much!

 A special thanks goes out to:

Sofia Anckarsvärd (for patience, understanding and lot’s of help)
Beate Sydhoff Millhagen
Kristjan Sigurjonsson
Ubah Mussen
Mattias Larsson
Philippe Lassey
Hanna Eriksson
Natasha Dumas
Gunilla & Göran @ SKF
Jakob’s parents

AND all the visitors, press and collectors.
My eternal gratitude.

/ Jakob Anckarsvärd

The Openings

We have two great openings with the preview on friday and exhibition opening on saturday.
We certainly want to thank  Beate Sydhoff, Kristjan Sigurjonsson, Ubah Mussen and Mattias Larsson for their participation.
With  their kind help the show really moved up a pin. We also want to thank Philippe Lassey. Hanna Erikssson and Natasha Dumas for their hard work.

The show has been a success in many respects already. We have received good press, lots of artwork, great turn out, plenty of attention and why yes, we have sold lots of artwork. Right now 48 works have been sold, and we hope for many more good sells.

Check youtube for a quick glance.

And for a faster gander.

Dear all,

the deadline has past and we have recieved loads of amazing work from all over, especially from Scotland and  Sweden (obviously).

And Ubah Mussen (Swedish Somalian actress) will talk on  friday 4th.

Mattias Larsson will DJ.

The show will be opened on saturday 5th  by Beate Sydhoff (curator, writer, +everything within art in Sweden).

And Kristjan Sigurjonsson will talk with Jakob Anckarsvärd right after that.

We’ll hang the show tomorrow and make sure everything is in good order.


work is now coming in from Los Angeles, Slovenia, Spain and all over Sweden.

This is looking hopeful, but we need many works still! Please see if you can share this open call with fellow artists.


We are currently working on getting a proper celeb to open the exhibit.
This is not as easy as one would think.

Application information is now available at:
interaction printmakers ops
print universe

Konsthögskolan Stockholm, Konstfack Stockholm

We are also working on Umeå, Glasgow, Malmö and Göteborg (both) art academies

KRO, SK, KK and other artist’s clubs and unions.  We’ve also posted invites to participate in HOPE -Somalia in other locations.

We are curretly discussing if it is better to have a proper opening on saturday the 5th instead or in addition to
the friday preview.

Having someone “of statue” to open the exhibition would certainly increase attention which in fact
was our main issue in he first place.

Please feel free to recommend people here, or if you know someone who could benefit our cause please let us know.

We are really happy that art work has started to arrive already. It makes us quite hopeful. THanks for all the kind responses!

HOPE -Somalia is initiated by Altruist Artists